Site closure: BlazeByte is now closed and the products are no longer maintained. Please see the bottom of this page for further information and archived forums.

A note from BlazeByte's founder

Hi everyone,

It has been 8 years since BlazeByte first opened its doors to gamers. It started as a simple tool - pspWxp - which allowed gamers to create documents on the Sony PlayStation Portable, and from this evolved a thriving community of gamers from across the world. But all good things must come to an end, and sadly, for BlazeByte, that time has come.

BlazeByte started with the release of pspWxp in 2006. It allowed PSP owners to use a simple Windows-inspired interface to create and share documents, chat and listen to music. None of this was previously possible on the PSP - BlazeByte were the first to bring what might today be called "apps" to the PSP. Today, pspWxp is still being downloaded, having reached over a million downloads on CNET. The popularity of pspWxp led to a website - - and forum being created for information and discussion. The forum supported a diverse community of gamers and developers, sparking an explosion of creativity. The forums quickly became the focus of BlazeByte, where apps, music, websites and artwork were collaborated on and shared, including pspWVista, Pixels Mag, and Moovlin.

The roots of BlazeByte were not forgotten - pspWxp became Encore, which focused on sharing and consuming media on the PSP. Encore formed the foundation for a Web-based operating system, Gnextop, which was planned to bring the functionality of pspWxp to all modern games console. However, as time went on we went our separate ways and found little time to contribute to BlazeByte. Our focuses have changed and we've moved on to bigger and better things. Hence, I've now decided to close BlazeByte.

I'm thankful to everyone who made BlazeByte what it was. I think we all learnt a lot, and I hope that it can be remembered for being a place that gamers and developers could learn from others and share their creativity. Most importantly, I hope that everyone remembers the community which BlazeByte fostered, hence I have re-hosted the forums which were used between 2006-2014 (links at the bottom of this page). If you'd like to keep in touch, take a look at the social media links at the bottom of this page, or join the Google Group. Perhaps, one day, some of us will work together again.

It was fun while it lasted.

- Peter West (BBF)

19 April 2014